About  Factory  Direct  Flooring  &  Cabinets  in  Woodland  Park
Factory Direct Flooring & Cabinets is a family owned, local flooring business with over 40 years of experience and a long history of satisfied customers. We have one of the largest displays of carpet, vinyl, hardwood, ceramic tile, cabinets, and much more.
Factory Direct Flooring & Cabinets' attention to details and our well trained and responsive staff, combined with our willingness to make sure that every customer is completely satisfied, has helped us remain one of the top businesses in our community.
From the original flooring business we have expanded to offer floor to ceiling home improvement and remodeling solutions. We also offer you the option of us coming to at your convenience or you can visit our extensive showroom to get a real hands-on experience with your project. 

I am more than impressed with your help in picking out hardwood flooring for my home, 
and overseeing the job. I feel like I am in a brand new home!
Jamie T.

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